Produce and Products at The Flying T Ranch

Hana has joined David in selling eggs (see David’s Eggs) from their flock.

Due to a deep-seated predator problem, we are no longer raising Muscovy ducks.

We plan our kidding season for late Winter (February-March) each year, and normally have both bucklings and doelings available.  Kids will have horns (not disbudded).  We usually castrate bucklings if we will be raising them past 8 weeks of age, unless they are reserved for a breeding flock.  Kids will normally be tattooed per the ABGA rules.  We do not normally use ear tags unless requested by buyers, as the tattoos fulfil the requirements of the USDA Scrapies Eradication program.

Our animals are raised in a healthy, sustainable, respectful and humane manner (see “About us”).  We ask that whether you purchase them to raise yourself or to harvest for food that you continue this treatment.  We reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone who we believe will not honor this request.

We will work with you or your butcher or local game processors if you have special cultural, religious, or other desires (kosher, halal, etc).

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