Muscovy Ducks

Due to a recurring problem with predators, we are unfortunately no longer raising Muscovy ducks.

We chose Muscovy Ducks for several reasons.  For one, they are the best mothers of all the domestic ducks, and given healthy and safe conditions raise their ducklings with very little assistance from us.  In addition, Muscovy Duck meat is leaner, healthier, and better-tasting (in our opinion) than most other breeds of ducks.  They are amazing foragers, and studies (such as this one) demonstrate that they can be up to 30 times as effective at fly control as traps and other devices, often eating over 20 flies an hour!  Finally, they are friendly, peaceful, and quiet, forgoing the loud Mallard “QUACK” for quiet chirps and chortles.  Our Muscovy Ducks free range (and we mean it), usually roosting and nesting in the barn.  A duck and drake from our flock won “Best Duck Pair” at the 2014 Hopkinton State Fair.  We did not show poultry in the 2015 fair season due to the Avian Flu epidemic.

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