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We need to do some updating of this page - we’re missing one of our does, WASP, and need updated pictures (most of these are 2-3yrs old).  So stay tuned!

Currently we have five breeding does on the Flying T Ranch, and are actively looking for one or two more to add to the herd for the 2019 kidding season (if you’ve got one you think would be a good addition, please contact us!). Our does are allowed to free-range our property occasionally, and we are succesfully using them to clear our pastures. We choose does who are strong and do not need assistance kidding, as well as does who will pass on their quality conformation and looks to their offspring.

The girls did well this year again.  To see our 2018 kids for sale, please click here.

Wasp (Flying Ts W.A.S.P.), ABGA# 10768749 - Fullblood Doe, born 2016

Wasp is a 2-year-old black-headed female. In 2018, she gave birth to her first kids, beautiful twin bucklings, "Dynamo," (black hood) and "Dunkirk” (red body with white belly stripe).

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Chili (FLT Flying Ts Hot Shot Chili) —Fullblood Doe  

Chili is Jessie’s daughter from 2015, the fourth of quadruplets. We are very excited to see what color she can add to our herd. She is very wide and stocky, with sturdy legs and a strong back, and a beautiful udder. Chili comes from a proven line of color-producing goats. To see Chili’s pedigree, click here.  Chili birthed her first kids in 2017, twin bucklings - one traditional (with an extra spot) and an all-red.  In 2018, Chili gave us a boy and girl, both beautifully solid red like her!


“Macie” (FLT Flying T’s Rowdy Golden Star)—American Purebred (99%) Doe

Macie was born in 2013 and is the friendliest and most lovable of all our does. She is very wide and deep-bodied and has proven to be a faithful mother. She took Overall Grand Champion Meat Doe at the 2013 Hopkinton State Fair, as well as Reserve Grand Champion at the 2014 and 2015 Hopkinton State Fairs. Her kids include Piper and Dragonfly (below).  In 2017, she gave us triplets: Wendy, Peter Pan, and Tinkerbell, and in 2018, triplet bucklings: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.  To see Macie’s pedigree, click here.


Piper (FLT Flying Ts Piper Seneca) - American Purebred (99%) Doe

Dragonfly (FLT Flying Ts Cessna Dragonfly) - American Purebred (99%) Doe

Piper and Dragonfly are twins born in 2015 to Macie.  They are both redheads, with Dragonfly sporting spots on her knees.  In 2017, Piper kidded a boy and girl, including a beautiful red paint doeling, and Dragonfly kidded twin girls.  In 2018, Piper birthed a single large buckling, while Dragonfly birthed twins, a brother and sister.




“Jessie” (RS Boer Goats Taboo’s Lil’ Lady)—Fullblood Doe (no longer at farm)

Jessie, our herd queen born in 2011, was a very wide, strong-bodied doe who constistently passes those traits on to her kids. She was our best mother. Jessie was the Grand Champion Senior Meat Doe at the 2015 Hopkinton State Fair.  To see Jessie’s pedigree, click here.

Sadly, we lost Jessie in February, 2017.  Her bloodline continues through Chili (below).

“Sammi” (RS Boer Goats Flying T’s Houdini Bliss)—Fullblood Doe (no longer on farm)


Sammi is a December 2011, long-bodied doe who has proven herself to be an exceptional mother, even adopting the abandoned babies of another doe (who is no longer on our farm). She took Reserve Champion Meat Doe at the 2012 Hopkinton State Fair. To see Sammis pedigree, click here.  Sammi birthed triplets in 2017 - two black-headed boys and a red-headed girl.  Unfortunately, we had to euthanize Sammi in 2018.


Amy (FLT Flying Ts Amelia Earheart)—Fullblood Doe (no longer on farm)

Amy is a 2014 paint doe with small areas of tri-color. She was long-bodied with a strong back, and beautiful markings including a black hood and leg.  In 2017, she birthed twins: a black-headed girl and a red-headed girl, but was a poor mother and we removed her from the herd.  To see Amy’s pedigree, click here.


“Sally” (FLT Flying T’s Don’t Blink)—Fullblood Doe (no longer on farm)

Sally, named in honor of astronaut Sally Ride, is our classiest doe, born in 2014, with lots of style and beautiful conformation. She is long-bodied with a strong back and legs, and when she is done growing we expect her to be tall as well. Sally took Grand Champion Junior Meat Doe at the 2014 and 2015 Hopkinton State Fairs. Sally birthed triplets in February 2017, including two spectacular BLACK bucklings! Sally was sold to another farm later in 2017.  To see Sallys pedigree, click here.

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