G06 Tobasco 2/13G14 Lightning 2/13G15 Thunderbolt 2/13G01 CharlieG02 LindyG03 DashG04 VioletG05 Cajun 20170210G06 Tobasco 2/13 2G06 Tobasco 20170210G07 WendyG08 Peter PanG09 TinkerbellIMG_5487.jpgIMG_5529.jpgIMG_5605.jpgIMG_0280.jpgIMG_0309.jpgIMG_5703.jpgIMG_5716.jpgIMG_2530.jpgIMG_2540.jpgIMG_2621.jpgIMG_2644.jpgIMG_7591.jpgIMG_4365.jpgIMG_4372.jpgIMG_4519.jpgIMG_8268.jpgIMG_4652.jpgIMG_4725.jpgIMG_5004.jpgIMG_5009.jpgIMG_1089.jpgIMG_5970.jpgG01 Charlie 20170303_123718G02 Lindy 20170303_123216G03 Dash 20170303_124342G04 Violet 20170303_124837G05 Cajun 0303G06 Tobasco 20170303_123805G07 Wendy 20170303_125016G08 Peter Pan 20170303_122821G09 Tinkerbell 20170303_130301G10 Frodo 20170303_130128G11 Sam 20170303_123918G12 Rosie 0303G14 Waterford Farm's Thunderbird 0303G15 Thunderbolt 20170303_122313G16 Raven 0303G17 Lenore 20170303_122710

Kidding season is our favorite time of year! Here are a few pictures of some of our kids, past and present!

If you are looking to buy a Boer Goat kid, please visit our “For Sale” Page!

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