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***UPDATE 6/17: All 2018 ABGA kids are SOLD!  We expect our next kidding to be in March 2019.***
***UPDATE 10/1: All 2018 wethers are also SOLD!***


- H02 "Astrid" - Purebred Paint doeling from Dragonfly - $375 (*** SOLD ***)
- H03 "Dunkirk" - Fullblood Red buckling with white belly stripe from WASP - $350 
(*** SOLD ***)
- H04 "Dynamo" - Fullblood Black-hooded buckling from WASP - $400 (*** SOLD ***)
- H05 "Cub" - BIG Purebred Traditional buckling from Piper - $325 (*** SOLD ***)
- H06 "Fred" - Fullblood All-red buckling from Chili - $350 (
*** SOLD ***)
- H07 "Ginger" - Fullblood All-red doeling from Chili - $450 (*** SOLD ***)
- H10 "McCoy" - Purebred Traditional buckling (with hood/cape) from Macie - $300 (*** SOLD ***)


2018 pricing:  $3.50/lb live weight. Please contact us for current information.
- H01 "Hiccup" - Purebred Traditional buckling from Dragonfly 
(*** SOLD ***)
- H08 "Kirk" - Purebred Traditional buckling (w/spots on feet and one hock) from Macie 
(*** SOLD ***)
- H09 "Spock" - Purebred Traditional buckling from Macie (*** SOLD ***)

Sold/Sale Pending:

“Sale Pending” - Verbal contract, awaiting written contract and deposit.
“Under Contract” - Written contract and deposit received.
“Sold” - Kid has been transferred to new owner!


All the does have been bred by our new Fullblood herd sire, “Goose." (GP7-SSFRI RODING RODY, ABGA#10684954). Goose is a correct, traditionally-marked (red-headed) buck with solid build, long back, strong legs, and a great pedigree. He 3 years old now, is well past past 300lbs, and is vigorous. This year he brought our entire herd into season and covered them in ~1 week. It was another fast kidding season for us, and we are very happy about how his characteristics have been passed to our kids!

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You can look up pedigrees for Goose or any of the does with their ABGA# at Select the "Resources" tab and then "Find ABGA Goats and Pedigrees.”


"Chili" (ABGA#10688989), 3yo all-red doe. This is her second kidding. She is a very attentive and protective mother. On 2/14, she gave birth unassisted to "Fred” and "Ginger,” both of whom are solid red.  Fred has pronounced darkening on his legs, like a bay horse.

H06 Fred 20180221
H07 Ginger 20180221

W.A.S.P. (ABGA# 10768749), a 2-year-old black-headed female in her first kidding. On 2/12, she gave birth to beautiful twin bucklings, "Dynamo," (black hood) and "Dunkirk (red body with white belly stripe).

H03 Dynamo 20180221
H04 Dunkirk 20180221


"Macie" (ABGA# 10614258), 5yo traditionally-marked doe. One of the first does born on our farm, and a real sweetheart and good mother. Her kids include "Piper" and "Dragonfly" below. Macie kidded triplets again this year on 2/15, all bucklings: “Kirk” (paint with spot on leg), “Spock” (traditionally-marked), and "McCoy” (red hood and “tornado” blaze).

H08 Kirk 20180221
H09 Spock 20180221
H10 McCoy 20180221

"Piper" (ABGA#10691739), Traditionally-marked 3yo doe from Macie. Her second kidding. Piper kidded twins last year while we were asleep, a traditionally-marked male and a spectacular paint doeling. This year, she gave birth to a single, BIG traditional buckling, Cub."

H05 Cub 20180221

Dragonfly" (ABGA#10691740), Piper's twin, traditionally-marked with spots on her hocks. Her second. Dragonfly was the first of our does to kid this year, birthing "Hiccup," a traditionally-marked buckling and "Astrid," a paint doeling (red head with red spot on her shoulders) on 2/10.

H01 Hiccup 20180221
H02 Astrid 20180221

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