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Our Buyer for G06 “Tobasco,” an ALL-RED intact buckling, has cancelled for personal reasons.  Tobasco is an all-red buckling! Strong conformation with a long back and vigorous. He was on his feet several minutes before his big brother. 1x1 Teat structure. Beautiful kid. Perfect if you're looking for color and/or sturdiness in your herd. 

Price: $450 or best reasonable offer.

Photo taken 5/1/16

20170502 175328

If you are interested in kids for 2018, we recommend following our Facebook page: , as we update that frequently during kidding season.

All the does have been bred by our new Fullblood herd sire, “Goose." (GP7-SSFRI RODING RODY, ABGA#10684954). Goose is a correct, traditionally-marked (red-headed) buck with solid build, long back, strong legs, and a great pedigree. He is just short of 2 years old now and is approaching if not past 300lbs, and is vigorous. 4 months ago he brought our entire herd into season and covered them in ~2 weeks. It was a fast kidding season for us, and we are very happy about how his characteristics have been passed to our kids!

You can look up pedigrees for Goose or any of the does with their ABGA# at Select the "Resources" tab and then "Find ABGA Goats and Pedigrees.”

Photos of each kid are below the name and description.


Born 2/9 from “Chili" (ABGA#10688989): 

G05 "Cajun" - Traditionally-marked buckling with a spot between his shoulder blades. Though we are still only a few hours after his birth, it is obvious that he has inherited much of the good from his sire's structure. He is wide and sturdy. Price: $275.  (***SOLD***)

G05 Cajun 20170210

G06 "Tobasco" - ALL RED buckling! Strong conformation as well, and vigorous. He was on his feet several minutes before his big brother. 1x1 Teat structure. Beautiful kid. Perfect if you're looking for color and/or sturdiness in your herd, or a good show goat. Price: $450. (BACK UP FOR SALE - BUYER HAD TO CANCEL FOR PERSONAL REASONS)


Born 2/12 from “Samy" (ABGA# 10582442): (Photos of Samy’s kids will be posted soon)

- G10 "Frodo" Black-headed buckling with white splotch on neck. Price: $275  (***SOLD***)


- G11 "Sam": Black-headed buckling with blaze over lip. Price: $275  (***SOLD***)


- G12 "Rosie": Traditionally-marked girl. Price: $300 (***SOLD***)


Born 2/12 from "Amy" (ABGA#10650660): (Photos of Amys kids will be posted soon)

- G16 "Raven": Black-headed girl. Price: $300 (***SOLD***)


- G17 "Lenore": Traditionally-marked girl with hood on right shoulder. Price: $300 (***SOLD***)


Born 2/12 from "Sally" (ABGA#10650661):

- G14 "Lightning": BLACK buckling with white belly band. BEAUTIFUL and BIG. Pick of the crop this year. 1x1 teats. If you're looking for splash, size, and class, he is your boy. Price: $500 . (***SOLD***)

G14 Lightning 2:13

- G15 "Thunderbolt": Rare SOLID BLACK buckling. You will search very far for an all-black Fullblood Boer Goat. 1x2 teat structure. Beautiful boy. Price: $450. (***SOLD***)


- G13 "Mia": Traditional (red-head) doeling. It looks like Mia's brothers crowded her in the womb. Mia a strong nurser, but because of her small size, she is getting crowded out by the bigger boys. She needs more attention to keep her growing well, and so we are selling her as a bottle baby. Price: $50. (***SOLD***)

G13 Mia 2 2:13


Born 2/11 from "Macie" (ABGA# 10614258)”:

- G07 "Wendy": Traditionally-marked Female. Price: $300 (***SOLD***)

G07 Wendy

- G08 "Peter Pan": Traditionally-marked Male. Price: $250  (***SOLD***)

G08 Peter Pan

- G09 "Tinkerbell": Traditionally-marked Female. Price: $300  (***SOLD***)

G09 Tinkerbell

Born 2/1 from "Piper" (ABGA#10691739):

- G03 "Dash": Traditionally-marked buckling. 3x3 Teats. Price: $250 (***SOLD***)

G03 Dash

- G04 "Violet": Beautifully-marked paint doeling. Red-brown hood that extends to cover the right front leg. Blaze on forehead. 2x2 teats. Price: $350  (***SOLD***)

G04 Violet

Born 1/29 from "Dragonfly" (ABGA#10691740):

- G01 "Charlie": Traditionally-marked doeling with wrist speckles, 2x2 teats. Price: $300  (***SOLD***)

G01 Charlie

- G02 "Lindy": Traditionally-marked doeling with wrist spots and speckles, 2x1 teats. Price: $30  (***SOLD***)

G02 Lindy
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