The Flying T Ranch

***Update!  We are now up and running on solar power!  See below if you are looking to do the same.***

The Flying T is our small family farm in the scenic wooded hills of New Hampshire.  We raise our horses, Boer goats, Muscovy ducks, chickens, and children, emphasizing free-range, natural, organic, and sustainable practices as much as possible.  In addition, we harvest both wild and cultivated agricultural products, choosing to enjoy peaches, apples, berries, vegetables, legumes, and other plant products in-season, nurtured through natural methods.

Goats in Field

We hope you enjoy this online tour of our farm, and invite you to visit our blog as well, where we discuss our adventures and misadventures in homesteading, sustainable living, and small farming, while we share stories, advice, and how-to articles in a light-hearted, hopefully humorous spirit.

We continue to work towards increasing the sustainability of our business and home.  In 2017 and 2018, we made significant improvements to our energy efficiency through measures which included significant upgrades in insulation, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and conservation practices.

As of 2018, we are producing nearly 100% of our electricity for the house and farm by solar electric.  This system was installed by Tesla/SolarCity.  If you are considering using them for either solar or Tesla vehicles, please feel free to use our refferal link: You will receive a bonus (as of time of publishing, this is unlimited Supercharging on certain Tesla vehicles or an extended warranty for solar power, but this is subject to change), and we will receive a credit good towards future upgrades of our system.

We are certified by the Farmer Veteran Coalition as a “Homegrown by Heroes” producer and partner.

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